Clayton Haigh

An emerging glass artist in his own right, Clayton Haigh has been training and studying in his field for over six years.  With a background in drawing, sculpting and decorative metal-smithing which he received from the Haliburton School of the Arts' artist-blacksmith program; he began attending Sheridan College in the Fall of 2004.  During his four years at Sheridan, Clayton spent the summer months apprenticing in Niagara Falls under the watch of Murano-born Venetian glassblower, Angelo Rossi.  Here he learned to work confidently and quickly in front of an audience as the studio was open to the public and specialized in demonstrations.  He was also exposed to a variety of techniques and tricks that he had not yet discovered during his time at Sheridan.  In 2009, Clayton became an artist-in-residence at Toronto's Harbourfront Centre's own glass studio where he continues to further push the boundaries of his work and the material itself.

These works are from Clayton's most popular collection, the Geode Series.  Inspired by the crystal formations of the same name, these striking pieces have an optical quality not found in nature.  No two Geodes are alike.