Stu Oxley

Stu Oxley lives in Elora, Ontario and works at the Riverside Studio.

Oxley is well known not only for his own work, but for the prints he has helped prominent Canadian artists produce.

Stu Oxley works with pastel, charcoal or color intaglio processes to produce lyrically abstract images. In these paper pieces, fields of white or colour are punctuated by enigmatic, seemingly spontaneous marks. The lines and contours range from crayon-like scribbles, to minute dashes and spirals rendered with precision and force.

Oxley is intrigued by the nature of the mark themselves: their weight, size, placement and association. Rather than creating a literal transcription of the world, Oxley seems to be trying to get under the surface of things. His language of intuition and spontaneous mark-making seems to sit at the edge of consciousness.

Oxley’s work is represented in public and corporate collections across Canada including: Canadian pacific, Imperial Oil, Nova Alberta Corporation, Esso Canada, Bank of Montreal, Nickle Arts Museum, London Regional Art Gallery, Art Gallery of Ontario, University of Guelph, Wilfred Laurier University, Queen’s University and St. Mary’s University.